Recent Cases

Almona Pty Ltd v Parklea Corporation Pty Ltd [2021] NSWCA 171 (11 August 2021) (Bathurst CJ at [1]; Basten JA at [80]; White JA at [275])


MORTGAGES AND SECURITIES – mortgages – duties, rights and remedies of mortgagee – power of sale – mortgagee’s duty to exercise power of sale in good faith – effect of contract of sale upon mortgagor’s rights – whether attempt to refinance and discharge mortgage prior to transfer of title can prevent sale – where mortgagor’s attempts to refinance accelerated the sale process

MORTGAGES AND SECURITIES – mortgagee exercising right of sale – price higher if vacant possession given – requirement of vacant possession not communicated to occupant –damages awarded for failure to communicate occupation condition

LAND LAW – Torrens title – exceptions to indefeasibility – fraud by mortgagee exercising power of sale – bid-rigging where alleged collaborator later acquired share in successful purchaser – whether collusion established

LAND LAW – mortgages – mortgagee sale – where owner of the mortgagee financed the purchase and acquired option to control purchaser – honesty and independence of sale process – good faith exercise of power of sale – pre-existing relationship between parties acting on other projects – whether lack of independence in sale process indicative of fraud – burden of disproving fraud