Recent Cases

Aslan v Stepanoski [2022] NSWCA 24 (25 February 2022) (Macfarlan, Gleeson and Payne JJA)


CONTRACTS – repudiation – whether the Builder repudiated the Lump Sum Contract – whether the Builder’s claim for payment under the Lump Sum Contract constituted repudiation – whether the Builder’s “failure to resume work” constituted repudiatory conduct

RESTITUTION – mistake – restitution of money paid by the Owners to the Builder – whether a comparison of sums paid under the Lump Sum Contract with the value of the work completed revealed whether there had been an overpayment by the Owners to the Builder

CIVIL PROCEDURE – Owners sought leave to reopen case after judgment to tender additional evidence concerning loss – election had been made to claim damages on a particular basis – whether there were special circumstances that justified departure from the ordinary rule that a party is bound by the case that it conducts to judgment