Recent Cases

Australian Red Cross Society v Queensland Nurses’ Union of Employees [2019] FCAFC 215 (03 December 2019) (Greenwood, Besanko and Rangiah JJ)


INDUSTRIAL LAW — appeal from orders made by a judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia — where an employee of the first appellant engaged in protected industrial action — where the primary judge found that the first appellant took adverse action in contravention of s 340(1)(a) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and that the second and third appellants were involved in those contraventions — where primary judge made orders with respect to compensation and pecuniary penalties

INDUSTRIAL LAW — where primary judge found that each appellant had knowledge that the employee had engaged in protected industrial action — whether knowledge is a pre-condition to the engagement of the presumption in s 361 of the Act — consideration of the elements to be established in order to engage s 361 of the Act — whether the primary judge considered all of the evidence relevant to knowledge — whether this Court can assess and weigh the relevant evidence — whether it is appropriate in the circumstances to order a retrial