Recent Cases

Bakewell v Anchorage Capital Master Offshore Ltd [2019] NSWCA 199 (14 August 2019) (Bell P at [1]; Macfarlan JA at [78]; White JA at [79])


CIVIL PROCEDURE – amendment and joinder application – said to be unarguable because certain claims assigned and said to be invalid – where not all claims by all plaintiffs were assigned claims – where proceedings against defendant would continue in any event – importance of principle in Wickstead v Browne – where area of law and public policy underpinnings of principle sought to be invoked fluid – not appropriate to be determined on a summary basis

PERSONAL PROPERTY – assignment of choses in action – prohibition on assignment of bare chose in action – nature of principle stated in Trendtex Trading Corporation v Credit Suisse [1982] AC 679 and adopted in Equuscorp Pty Ltd v Haxton (2012) 246 CLR 498; [2012] HCA 7 – whether test of what rights are to be regarded as incidental to property rights has been modified

PERSONAL PROPERTY – public policy against assignment of bare chose in action – underlying basis of public policy – maintenance and champerty – whether public policy fluid – where underlying public policy justification for principle capable of being challenged – inappropriate to be dealt with on a summary basis