Recent Cases

Beau Timothy John Hartnett trading as Hartnett Lawyers v Anthony Robert Bell as Executor of the Estate of the late Mabel Dawn Deakin-Bell [2023] NSWCA 244 (12 October 2023) (Bell CJ, Adamson JA and Griffiths AJA)


COURTS AND JUDGES — Supreme Court — Inherent jurisdiction — where solicitor acting for mortgagee has engaged in exorbitant overcharging — where mortgage provides for recovery by mortgagee of all costs expended pursuant to the mortgage on an indemnity basis — whether Court can order solicitor to pay moneys, to the extent of the exorbitant overcharging, to mortgagor pursuant to inherent jurisdiction to control charges and fees of officers of the Court — general consideration of extent of inherent jurisdiction

COSTS — Inherent jurisdiction — where costs have previously been assessed as between mortgagee and mortgagor — whether Court adopted costs assessment in its inherent jurisdiction to require solicitor for mortgagee to pay money representing exorbitant charges to mortgagor

OCCUPATIONS — Legal practitioners — Solicitors — Costs agreement — where costs agreement between solicitor and mortgagee — whether inherent jurisdiction extends to requiring solicitor for mortgagee to pay money exorbitantly overcharged to mortgagee to mortgagor