Recent Cases

Broadspectrum (Australia) Pty Ltd v Farmer [2024] NSWCA 81 (17 April 2024) (Mitchelmore JA at [1]; Basten AJA at [2]; Griffiths AJA at [13])


NEGLIGENCE — Personal injuries — where the plaintiff tripped and fell down a flight of stairs in the Republic of Nauru — law of Nauru applies, which is broadly similar to common law — where the height of an exposed metal lip on an aluminium frame attached to the edge of the top stair from which the plaintiff fell was subject to different measurements by a lay person (6.25mm) and two experts (2 to 2.5mm) — whether the primary judge erred in finding the height was 6.25mm and not 2 to 2.5mm — whether any error was material

NEGLIGENCE — Causation — Factual causation — whether the primary judge erred in finding that the lip which had a missing yellow non-slip strip caused the plaintiff’s fall when his boot caught on it

NEGLIGENCE — Breach — Foreseeability of risk — Standard of care — whether the absence of a “non-slip” strip from the stair frame was obvious and reasonable precautions were required to be taken to address the risk of harm