Recent Cases

Central Coast Council v Norcross Pictorial Calendars Pty Ltd [2021] NSWCA 75 (07 May 2021) (Bathurst CJ at [1]; Macfarlan JA at [162]; Gleeson JA at [163])


CONTRACTS – construction – interpretation – joint venture agreement – third party – successor clause – “successor to a party” – whether the expression is wide enough to include nominee – where there was no contemplation work would be carried out by another – where there are no clear words to construe nomination as conferring rights and obligations – where third party acquired its rights as nominee under separate contract

CONTRACTS – construction – interpretation – reflective loss principle – exception – where company has no cause of action – where there is no prospect of double recovery

CONTRACTS – construction – interpretation – indemnities – “in respect of” – “loss” – whether indemnities extend to loss of diminution in value of shares in nominee as a result of nominee incurring costs for rectification