Recent Cases

Citation [2020] NSWCA 82 (04 May 2020) (Bell P at [1]; Meagher JA at [118]; Gleeson JA at [158])


ARBITRATION – multi-tiered dispute resolution clause – clause included as a component an arbitration clause for certain types of disputes – proper construction of arbitration clause and its scope – principles applicable to the construction of such clauses.

CONTRACT – dispute resolution clause – clause contemplating court proceedings in some circumstances and arbitration proceedings in other circumstances – proper construction of the clause – whether a claim for damages for breach of contract “concerned” a “monetary amount payable and/or owed” “under” the agreement.

CONTRACT – construction and interpretation – multi-tiered dispute resolution clause – principles applicable to construction of dispute resolution clauses.

CONTRACT – waiver – whether commencement of earlier court proceedings seeking declarations as to breach of contract resulted in waiver of right to submit claim for damages for breach of contract to arbitration.