Recent Cases

Commissioner of State Revenue v Rojoda Pty Ltd [2020] HCA 7 (18 March 2020) (Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle and Edelman JJ)


Stamp duties – Declaration of trust – Partnership – Dissolution – Partnership assets – Nature of partners’ rights in relation to partnership assets – Where freehold titles to land held by two partners as joint tenants – Where other partners not registered title holders – Where partnerships dissolved but not wound up upon death of one partner holding titles – Where surviving partner declared trusts over freehold titles for benefit of other partners in proportion to partnership interests – Where Commissioner assessed declaration of trust as “dutiable transaction” within meaning of Duties Act 2008 (WA), s 11(1) – Whether partner holding freehold titles trustee for other partners – Whether declaration of trust by surviving partner holding freehold titles created new interests in land – Whether declaration of trust dutiable transaction.

Words and phrases – “beneficial interest”, “conveyance”, “declaration of trust”, “dissolution”, “dutiable transaction”, “equitable interest”, “non-specific interest”, “partners’ interest”, “partnership property”, “right to account and distribution”, “transfer”, “trust for partnership”, “winding up”.