Recent Cases

Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police v Luppino [2021] FCAFC 43 (25 March 2021) (Besanko, Wigney and Abraham JJ)


CRIMINAL LAW — appeal from an order of the primary judge that an order of a magistrate made pursuant to s 3LA of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) is invalid — where an order pursuant to s 3LA was made in respect of a smart phone seized during the execution of a warrant for the search of a person — whether natural justice attaches to an application under s 3LA and the appellant was entitled to a hearing before the s 3LA Order was made — statutory construction of s 3LA — whether the s 3LA Order requires details of the information or assistance to be provided by the person to whom the order is directed — whether the s 3LA Order requires information as to the place at which and the time within which the information or assistance must be provided — whether the s 3LA Order contains the required details of the particular computer or data storage device which is the subject of the order — whether smart phone is a “computer or data storage device” for the purposes of s 3LA — whether breaches of various statutory provisions result in invalidity — whether the legislature intended to abrogate or curtail the privilege against self-incrimination — appeal allowed