Recent Cases

Commissioner of Victims Rights v Dobbie [2019] NSWCA 183 (25 July 2019) (Basten JA at [1]; Leeming JA at [57]; McCallum JA at [58])


ADMINISTRATIVE LAW – judicial review – victim’s compensation claim – primary victim of domestic violence – claim for “severely disabling” psychological disorder – challenge to rejection by delegate – whether the delegate attributed incorrect meaning to “severely disabling”

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW – judicial review – expert psychologists designated by Director – assessment of disability by designated expert – whether delegate obliged to follow expert’s assessment absent countervailing evidence – whether delegate’s rejection of assessment manifestly unreasonable

APPEAL – leave to appeal – precondition of grant – small amount at stake in individual case – relevance to large number of claims – whether matter of principle or public interest – error identified without setting aside judgment below