Recent Cases

David William Pallas & Julie Ann Pallas as trustees for the Pallas Family Superannuation Fund v Lendlease Corporation Ltd [2024] NSWCA 83 (17 April 2024) (Bell CJ, Ward P, Gleeson, Leeming and Stern JJA)


CIVIL PROCEDURE — Representative proceedings — Conduct of proceedings — Notices — Court’s power to order that notice be given to group members — Proposed notice referred to intention to apply for order excluding group members who had neither opted out nor registered from receiving potential prospective settlement sum

JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS — Court of Appeal — Where Full Court of Federal Court (Parkin v Boral Ltd (2022) 291 FCR 116; [2022] FCAFC 47) had held that previous decision of Court of Appeal (Wigmans v AMP Ltd (2020) 102 NSWLR 199; [2020] NSWCA 104) was “plainly wrong” — Where disagreement with that characterisation — Whether Court of Appeal should depart from Wigmans v AMP Ltd (2020) 102 NSWLR 199; [2020] NSWCA 104

STATUTORY INTERPRETATION — Context — Whether general words in statute should be read down to conform with surrounding provisions and purpose of the legislation