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Deguisa v Lynn [2020] HCA 39 (04 November 2020) (Kiefel CJ, Gageler, Keane, Gordon and Edelman JJ)


Real property – Torrens system – Where appellants registered proprietors of land – Where appellants obtained planning approval to subdivide land and build two townhouses – Where present certificate of title for land referred to memorandum of encumbrance which prohibited erection of any buildings other than “a dwellinghouse” and prohibited “multiple dwellings” – Where back‑cover sheet of memorandum of encumbrance had typed statement indicating that encumbrance formed part of common building scheme – Where neither memorandum of encumbrance nor present certificate of title identified other lots benefited by restrictive covenants in memorandum of encumbrance – Where s 69 of Real Property Act 1886 (SA) provided title to land indefeasible subject to encumbrances and interests “notified” on original certificate of title of such land – Whether appellants were notified of restrictive covenants in memorandum of encumbrance in accordance with s 69.

Words and phrases – “cancelled certificate of title”, “certificate of title”, “common building scheme”, “encumbrance”, “memorandum of encumbrance”, “notice”, “notified”, “notified on the certificate of title”, “prudent conveyancer”, “purpose of the Torrens system”, “Register Book”, “restrictive covenants”, “search and inspection”, “searches of the Register”, “sufficiently notified”, “title”, “title by registration”, “title of the registered proprietor”, “Torrens system”.