Recent Cases

Demex Pty Ltd v McNab Building Services Pty Ltd [2023] NSWCA 261 (02 November 2023) (Mitchelmore, Kirk and Adamson JJA)


ADMINISTRATIVE LAW — Procedural fairness — Whether the adjudicator afforded parties procedural fairness under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) — Where necessary provision of procedural fairness attenuated in the context of the statute — Need for a substantial departure from the general requirements of procedural fairness

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW — Procedural fairness — Where conversion factor from weight to volume that was applied was not explained in terms by claimant — Where conversion factor was readily calculable — Where party is aware that some conversion factor was applied — Whether reliance made on contractual document which had not been foreshadowed was a denial of procedural fairness — Whether reliance on industry standards not provided by either party was a denial of procedural fairness — No substantial denial of procedural fairness constituting jurisdictional error