Recent Cases

Di Liristi v Matautia Developments Pty Ltd [2021] NSWCA 328 (17 December 2021) (Macfarlan, Gleeson and Brereton JJA)


EVIDENCE – admissibility – hearsay – business records exception, s 69 Evidence Act 1995 (NSW) – where appellant/tenant introduced soil onto property alleged to be contaminated – where Council issued clean-up notice to respondent/landlord – where respondent commissioned expert report – where samples collected and tested by persons other than author of report – whether report business record of respondent – whether primary judge erred in giving weight to report

EVIDENCE – expert reports – where no orders made for service of expert reports – where both parties served expert reports late – where both parties had opportunity to cross-examine experts – whether “exceptional circumstances” for admitting expert report in reply served by respondent – Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW), r 31.28(4) – whether primary judge erred in House v The King sense

DAMAGES – damages awarded for costs of remediating land – where only evidence of quantum was two quotes obtained in preparation of proceedings – where quotes contained hearsay material – where no objection by appellant to admissibility of quotes at trial – where appellant self-represented at trial – whether primary judge erred in giving weight to quotes

DAMAGES – damages awarded for unpaid rent – where primary judge made declaration that lease validly terminated by respondent – where appellant remained in possession of property – where no termination order yet made by NCAT – whether residential tenancy agreement remained on foot – whether landlord’s remedy limited to loss of bargain damages