Recent Cases

DVO16 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2021] HCA 12 (14 April 2021) (Kiefel CJ, Gageler, Gordon, Edelman and Steward JJ)


Immigration – Refugees – Application for protection visa – Where appellants each applied for protection visas – Where each appellant interviewed by delegate of Minister – Where each appellant assisted by interpreter in interview – Where interviews affected by translation errors in questions asked and responses given – Where Immigration Assessment Authority (“Authority”) conducted review under Pt 7AA of Migration Act 1958 (Cth) – Where in case of DVO16, Authority not aware of translation errors – Where in case of BNB17, Authority aware of three translation errors – Where in each case Authority did not exercise powers to get new information under Pt 7AA – Where in each case Authority affirmed delegate’s decision to refuse visa – Whether Authority’s exercise of powers unreasonable – Whether Authority failed to comply with statutory duty to “review” decision under Pt 7AA.

Words and phrases – “automatic merits review”, “claims to protection in fact made”, “de novo assessment of the merits”, “failing to consider substance of claim”, “fast track reviewable decision”, “Immigration Assessment Authority”, “interpretation”, “interpretation error”, “interpreter”, “jurisdictional error”, “mistranslation”, “new information”, “overriding duty”, “reasonableness condition”, “translation”, “translation error”.