Recent Cases

EFQ (a pseudonym) v Medical Council of New South Wales [2021] NSWCA 167 (06 August 2021) (Bell P at [1]; Macfarlan JA at [78]; Brereton JA at [79])


CIVIL PROCEDURE – application for leave to appeal from an interlocutory decision of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal of NSW – where Tribunal refused to grant the applicant an extension of time in which to appeal from a decision of the Medical Council of NSW, which had imposed a condition on the applicant’s registration as a health practitioner that she not practise medicine – where applicant sought to appeal the Medical Council’s decision over one year after it provided its reasons for imposing the relevant condition – where applicant contended that her appeal was as of right and that no extension of time was required to be granted by the Tribunal – whether Tribunal was correct to hold that an extension of time within which to appeal from the Council’s decision was required – whether Tribunal’s discretion miscarried in refusing the applicant an extension of time

HEALTH – medical professionals – whether Medical Council of NSW had the power to impose a temporary condition that a practitioner not practise medicine – where such a power is found under s 150(1)(b) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW)

PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE – Procedural fairness – whether there had been a breach of procedural fairness by the Medical Council of NSW in conducting a hearing pursuant to s 150 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) in the applicant’s absence – whether there was a breach of procedural fairness in the Council denying the applicant’s request for an adjournment of that hearing – where applicant had been given sufficient notice of the hearing and where her application for an adjournment was raised only a day before the hearing was scheduled – where Tribunal was correct to conclude that there was no breach of procedural fairness by the Council