Recent Cases International Holdings Ltd v Cheung [2021] NSWCA 24 (03 March 2021) (Bathurst CJ at [1]; Bell P at [2]; Leeming JA at [287])


APPEALS – appellate review of factual findings – appellate review of credit findings – interaction between contemporaneous documents and witness testimony – whether an adverse credit finding on one aspect of a witness’ evidence requires that his or her evidence should be rejected on all issues

CORPORATIONS – directors’ duties – whether two directors breached their duties in relation to the sale of shares in a subsidiary of the company of which they were directors – whether transfer of shares in subsidiary company in 2012 transferred the beneficial ownership of those shares in all the circumstances of the case – whether shares transferred for nil consideration – whether sale of shares in subsidiary company in 2013 was at a gross undervalue

CORPORATIONS – minutes of board meetings – disputed version of minutes – competing versions of minutes does not mean that one version is necessarily false – when party alleging false minutes did not challenge director who signed minutes with that allegation

EQUITY – sham transfer of shares – whether beneficial interest in shares passed on registration of share transfer in circumstances where consideration for transfer of shares not paid – whether transfer of shares for nil consideration was a gift – where no intention on the part of directors to give away company property – where plausible explanation supported by context negated any suggestion that shares were intended to be given away

TRUSTS – resulting trusts – whether presumption of a resulting trust over property transferred for nil consideration does not apply to personalty or shares