Recent Cases

GC NSW Pty Ltd v Galati [2020] NSWCA 326 (11 December 2020) (Gleeson JA at [1], White JA at [144], Emmett AJA at [145])


CONTRACTS – formation – intention to create legal relations – uncertainty and incompleteness – owners of three contiguous parcels of land dealt with development group in relation to proposed sale of land for redevelopment – where put and call option deeds entered into – where one owner entered into separate deed for the purchase back of five developed lots – where agreement reached on various matters between parties’ agents at later meeting– whether intention to create legal relations at later meeting – whether terms of agreement at meeting were void for uncertainty and incompleteness

CONTRACTS – formation – whether deed which provided for purchase back of five lots abandoned by parties – whether purchaser entitled to damages for breach of deed – where primary judge left undetermined possible basis for finding damages for breach of deed – damages claim remitted for the determination