Recent Cases

Iskra v MMIR Pty Limited [2019] NSWCA 126 (30 May 2019) (Bathurst CJ at [1], Gleeson JA at [2], Payne JA at [55])


BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION – adjudication of payment claim – review of adjudicator’s decision – whether adjudicator simply allowed claim in full in default of any valid submission against it – whether adjudicator engaged in process of evaluation – no requirement for legally correct language – fine-tooth comb approach not appropriate – Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW), ss 9, 10, 22(1), 22(2), 22(3)

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW – judicial review – whether adjudicator exercised statutory function to determine value of construction work – where adjudication may not be set aside for error of fact or law – jurisdictional error – no requirement for legally correct language – determination not to be examined with fine-tooth comb