Recent Cases

Kay v KRM (Vic) Pty Ltd;; Classic Bet (NSW) Pty Ltd v Kay and Ors [2020] NSWCA 92 (12 May 2020) (Meagher JA at [1]; Gleeson JA at [30]; White JA at [32])


CONTRACTS — Construction — Interpretation –whether proper construction required that when a liability was incurred under the clause it was incurred collectively by all three promisees regardless of the promisees’ contribution to that liability – whether proper construction of the phrase ‘collectively and individually, as the case may be’ was akin to joint and several liability – where value of the liability was contingent on calculating the commissions earned by each promisee individually – where the promisees’ dealings resulted in an unequal contribution to the total size of the liability incurred

CONTRACTS — Construction — Interpretation – whether promise by seller to indemnify the buyer against liabilities incurred by the company prior to completion was also a promise to the company – where liability potentially incurred prior to completion but not acquitted in final settlement calculations

CONTRACTS — Construction — Interpretation – whether a contract to pay commission on Net Cash generated by introduced clients created a liability upon entry into the contract – where at the time of entry no clients had been introduced – where numerous contingencies must eventuate for a liability to crystallise

CONTRACTS — Construction — Interpretation – whether email correspondence amounted to a Notice of Proposed Change of Control pursuant to the contract – where emails not expressed to be such a notice – where context in which the emails were sent militated against the conclusion that they were contractual notices

CORPORATIONS — Directors and officers — Directors’ duties — Duty to act in good faith in the best interests of company – whether failure to cause company to issue a contractual notice to defer the incurrence of a liability was a breach of duty – whether company sustained loss for the purposes of a statutory action for damages