Recent Cases

Li v Liu [2022] NSWCA 67 (29 April 2022) (Meagher, White and Beech-Jones JJA)


RESTITUTION – illegal contract – contract involving “investment” in local company in return for employing foreign national to fulfil visa criteria – agreement rendered unlawful by Migration Act 1958 – recovery of amounts “invested” in restitution – amount paid to Director on behalf of counter party company – whether restitution permissible – whether Director can rely on “defence” of payment over to company where not expressly pleaded – whether primary judge erred in dismissing claim against Director without expressly finding had no notice of illegality – form of notice required for agent who pays funds to principal received under illegal contract – HELD: claim rejected – manner in which case conducted meant that “defence” was available – primary judge’s findings inconsistent with Director having relevant notice

AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW – representation that visa “would be” granted – whether such a representation made – whether “illegality” of representation or underlying transaction meant no conduct in trade or commerce or recovery impermissible – HELD: representation not made – if it was made was in trade or commerce and recovery permissible