Recent Cases

Li v Tao [2023] NSWCA 310 (15 December 2023) (Ward P, Mitchelmore and Kirk JJA)


EQUITY — General principles and maxims — Conveyancing — Statute of Frauds — Part performance — High threshold for part performance — Equivocal factors for part performance — Many equivocal acts do not add up to an unequivocal act

EQUITY — Equitable interests in property — Property disputes — Assertion of legal ownership by trustee — Trusts and trustees — Evidence of trust — Where evidence of oral declaration of trust inadmissible under s 23C of the Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW) — Doctrine in Rochefoucauld v Boustead — Doctrine not limited to where was a conditional assignment or written evidence prevented by fraud — Doctrine not limited to where property was assigned by claimant — Doctrine does not involve weighing up merits of conduct of parties

APPEALS — From finding of fact — Credibility of witnesses — Challenge to credibility finding not made out