Recent Cases

Makaroff v Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District [2021] NSWCA 107 (28 May 2021) (Macfarlan JA at [1]; Brereton JA at [81]; Simpson AJA at [208])


NEGLIGENCE — medical negligence — breach of duty — whether failure to advise the appellant that it was essential and urgent to organise orthopaedic review of injured shoulder constituted breach

NEGLIGENCE — medical negligence — peer professional opinion – Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) s 5O – whether the respondents acted in a manner that was widely accepted by peer professional opinion as competent professional practice

NEGLIGENCE — medical negligence — causation — factual causation — whether it was more probable than not that the appellant would have had a better outcome but for the negligence – whether the appellant would have consulted an orthopaedic surgeon – whether the appellant would have undergone surgery prior to her shoulder injury becoming inoperable