Recent Cases

Mao v Bao [2023] NSWCA 278 (21 November 2023) (Ward ACJ, White and Mitchelmore JJA)


EQUITY – Set-off – Where the appellant had been ordered to account to the respondent in respect of moneys drawn under a mortgage facility secured over property held for the respondent’s benefit and the respondent had been ordered to re-pay the appellant sums owing under a loan unrelated to the mortgaged property – Whether the two claims were sufficiently closely connected that one could be said to impeach the other in the sense required for an equitable set-off.

EQUITY – Whether Brickenden principle (see Brickenden v London Loan & Savings Co [1934] 3 DLR 465) that prohibits speculation by defaulting fiduciaries as to counterfactuals had the default not occurred has application to the issues raised as to equitable set-off in the present case.