Recent Cases

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v EFX17 [2021] HCA 9 (10 March 2021) (Kiefel CJ, Gageler, Keane, Edelman and Steward JJ)


Immigration – Cancellation of protection visa – Notice of cancellation – Where delegate of Minister cancelled respondent’s visa under s 501(3A) of Migration Act 1958 (Cth) – Where pursuant to duties in s 501CA(3) letter from delegate and enclosures sent explaining decision to cancel respondent’s visa and opportunity to make representations about revoking decision – Where letter and enclosures given to respondent by corrective services officer – Where letter incorrectly stated date on which respondent taken to have received notice – Whether Minister complied with duty to “give” written notice and particulars and “invite” representations under s 501CA(3) – Whether capacity of respondent to understand written notice, particulars, and invitation relevant to whether duties in s 501CA(3) were performed – Whether Minister or delegate required personally to perform duties in s 501CA(3) – Whether Minister failed to invite representations as letter did not specify period within which to make representations in accordance with Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth).

Words and phrases – “capacity to understand”, “deliver”, “give”, “in the way that the Minister considers appropriate in the circumstances”, “incapacity”, “invite”, “method of delivery”, “notice”, “ordinary meaning”, “personally to perform”, “requesting formally”, “service”, “substantive content”, “within the period and in the manner ascertained in accordance with the regulations”.