Recent Cases

Mualim v Dzelme [2021] NSWCA 199 (03 September 2021) (Bathurst CJ at [1], Gleeson JA at [2], Brereton JA at [192])


CORPORATIONS – shares – exercise of power to allot shares – where director of family company allotted shares to himself – where effect of allotment was to confer control of company on the director – where hearsay evidence that director provided paperwork concerning allotment to shareholders – where no evidence of paperwork or content of paperwork – whether shareholders gave fully informed consent to allotment – whether share allotment should be set aside

EQUITY – defences – laches – knowledge of the wrong – where impugned share allotment occurred in 2004 – where director of company has since passed away – where appellants reside in Indonesia and speak minimal English – whether appellants had means of knowledge of the wrong – whether respondents pleaded that appellants could have searched public records and ran that defence below

EVIDENCE – expert evidence – whether letter from overseas lawyers in the nature of an investigative report was expert evidence – whether the primary judge erred in rejecting the tender of the evidence – whether the primary judge should have waived the rules of evidence – Evidence Act 1995 (NSW), s 190