Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of the clients of our barristers. This privacy policy is required under the Australian Privacy Principles and covers information gathered on an automated basis by our website from users of our website for use only in the maintenance, monitoring and improvement of our website. We do not disclose at any time any personal information to any other party.

How we collect information

  1. We collect information from your computer automatically during your time spent browsing our website. That information may include your IP address, operating system, browser and version, time that your accessed the site and referrer information such as whether you were brought to our website from a search engine or other website.
  2. Our website does not set cookies on your computer.
  3. The above information may constitute personal information for the purposes of the Privacy Act but we cannot, in the form we hold and use the information, be used to identify you without forensic analysis.
  4. We collect only that information that your computer makes available to us when you access our website. We hold the personal information in aggregated form only on our web server maintained by a hosting company.

How we hold and use information

  1. We hold information collected by our website for the purposes of measuring website traffic and the profiles of our users in aggregate. We may provide access to that aggregate information to our website developer and hosting company for the purposes of analysis of our website and to troubleshoot any errors or bugs which may occur in our site.
  2. As noted above, we do not have access to information which we could readily use to identify you based on your accessing our website.
  3. If you have contacted our offices by telephone we do not retain records of your personal information, please contact your barrister directly for any requests concerning the retention of personal information by your barrister and to seek any correction of that personal information.
  4. The information we automatically collect from our website users may be disclosed to overseas recipients, namely our web hosting provider.