Recent Cases

Secretary of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment v Blacktown City Council [2021] NSWCA 145 (15 July 2021) (Bell P at [1]; Brereton JA at [83]; McCallum JA at [98])


CIVIL PROCEDURE – subpoenas – to produce documents or things – application to set aside – legitimate forensic purpose – test for determining the validity of a subpoena issued in civil proceedings – whether sufficient that the documents sought by a subpoena have “apparent relevance” to an issue in the proceedings – whether necessary to satisfy the court that the documents are likely materially to assist the case of the party issuing the subpoena – consideration of bases for setting aside subpoenas

CIVIL PROCEDURE – Subpoenas – Legitimate forensic purpose – origins of concept – converse of abuse of process – whether a party issuing a subpoena will lack a legitimate forensic purpose if unable to demonstrate that documents sought by subpoena likely to assist its case – legitimate forensic purpose may be presumed where documents sought have apparent relevance to matters in issue or are capable of assisting in cross examination

COURTS AND JUDGES – precedential value of decisions of Court of Appeal refusing leave to appeal.