Recent Cases

Sidoti v Hardy [2021] NSWCA 105 (26 May 2021) (Basten JA at [1]; Brereton JA at [45]; Simpson AJA at [179])


LAND LAW – Adverse possession – Actual possession – Old system title – Conversion to Torrens title – Limited title – Indefeasibility of title – Exceptions to indefeasibility – Where successful claim at trial in respect of adverse possession of small portion of a ‘dunny lane’ commencing before creation of limited folio – Whether statutory possessory application over Torrens title land able to be made – Alternatively, whether adverse possession claims preserved at common law by reason of possession for any length of time commencing prior to creation of folio – Whether wrong description of parcel or boundaries in circumstances where adverse possessory claim inchoate but not crystallised at time of conversion – Appeal dismissed

LIMITATION OF ACTIONS – Actions to recover land – Adverse possession – Interaction of Limitation Act 1969 (NSW), ss 27 and 65, with Real Property Act 1900 (NSW), s 45C

STATUTORY INTERPRETATION – Interpretation of Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) – Extrinsic materials – Explanatory memoranda and notes – Legislative history – Registrar-General’s guidelines – Second reading speeches

MORTGAGES AND SECURITIES – Mortgages – Duties, rights and remedies of mortgagee – Right to notice of proceedings in which orders might be made affecting mortgagee’s interest – Where no notice given and no application by mortgagee to set aside orders below – Where application may not succeed – Where if successful, ultimate result unlikely to be different – Where impact on value of mortgagee’s security likely de minimis – Absence of notice not decisive of appeal

APPEALS – Leave to appeal – Whether leave required – Monetary threshold – Whether threshold denotes value of whole parcel of land or disputed portion only – Where questions of principle and public importance as to Torrens system also raised – Leave granted