Recent Cases

Soulos v Pagones; Soulos v Soulos; Soulos v Soulos; Soulos v Pagones; Kristallis v Soulos; Kristallis v Soulos; Kristallis v Pagones [2023] NSWCA 243 (13 October 2023) (Ward P, Meagher and Mitchelmore JJA)


CORPORATIONS – Members’ rights and remedies – Oppression – Where one shareholder has control over family company through management shares and position as Governing Director – Whether no oppression if self-dealing transaction was necessary to bring about acquisition of property accepted to be in the best interests of the company – Whether primary judge erred in finding oppressive conduct in relation to omission of demolition clause in lease by company to entity associated with director – Whether relief granted went beyond that necessary to bring end to continuing effect of oppressive conduct.

EQUITY – Proprietary estoppel – Encouragement – Detrimental reliance – Where a property had been purchased by parents for the benefit of their son – Where the son had been promised ownership of the property and had expended time and money renovating the property – Whether sufficient detriment had been suffered to establish an estoppel – Whether the relief granted by the primary judge was proportionate to the detriment suffered.

SUCCESSION – Family provision – claims made for provision under the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) by three of the deceased’s four adult children – Where the deceased had engendered an expectation in her children that they would share equally in the assets of the family company – Whether provision made for the respective children was proper and appropriate for their advancement or maintenance in life – Where large portion of estate assets held through shares in family company and deceased’s last will left all management (voting) shares to one child – Whether primary judge erred in failing properly to take into account financial needs of children or in making good expectations engendered in the deceased’s children as to future material wealth.