Recent Cases

Strike Australia Pty Ltd v Data Base Corporate Pty Ltd [2019] NSWCA 205 (21 August 2019) (Bell P at [1]; Basten JA at [37]; Ward JA at [68])


CONTRACTS – Construction – Interpretation – determination of market rent by an expert valuer – construction of provision of sub-lease requiring the valuer to “have regard to” certain matters in determining the market rent for a sub-lease of premises located at King Street Wharf, Sydney – interpretation of requirement to “have regard to” “comparable premises in the vicinity of the Premises” – whether matters listed exhaustive – meaning of “have regard to”

VALUATION – expert determination – whether the trial judge erred in finding that the valuer did not have regard to market rents in the manner prescribed by the sub-lease – whether the trial judge erred in finding that the determination of market rent by the valuer was not binding on the appellant and the respondent as parties to the sub-lease – whether the valuer erroneously had regard to the physical configuration of the premises or tenant’s property – appeal dismissed with costs

VALUATION – nature of valuation – meaning of “acting as an expert and not as an arbitrator”