Recent Cases

Trinh v Medical Council of New South Wales [2024] NSWCA 58 (15 March 2024) (Mitchelmore JA; Basten AJA; Griffiths AJA)


ADMINISTRATIVE LAW – functions conferred on professional council – power to delegate functions – no power to delegate power to delegate – delegation of function to persons appointed by Executive officer – whether delegation valid

OCCUPATIONS – medical practitioners –misconduct and discipline – power to suspend registration – delegation of power – delegation to panel appointed by Executive Officer – whether invalid subdelegation

OCCUPATIONS – medical practitioners – misconduct and discipline – obligation of Medical Council to refer complaint to Tribunal if grounds for suspension or deregistration – obligation of Medical Council to refer complaint to Health Care Complaints Commission – Commission to investigate – consideration of statutory scheme

STATUTORY INTERPRETATION – obligation of professional council under National Law to refer complaint to disciplinary tribunal – provisions of National Law to be read harmoniously with State law establishing Complaints Commission – inconsistency – State law to prevail – requirement for investigation prior to referral to disciplinary tribunal