Recent Cases

Youssef v Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police [2019] NSWCA 272 (06 November 2019) (Gleeson JA at [1], Emmett AJA at [4], Barrett AJA at [19])


CRIME – dealing with money suspected of being proceeds of crime – restraining order on property – Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cth), s 44 – where applicants purchased real property using money alleged to be proceeds of crime – restraining order under s 19 made in respect of the property – applicants apply under s 44 for exclusion of the property from the restraining order upon their undertaking to use their best endeavours to obtain money from a particular bank account and pay it to the liquidator of the company from which they had received the alleged proceeds of crime – that bank account given “post credits only” status by bank – the application for the loan facility under which the money in the account was obtained from the bank was shown to contain material misstatements – no evidence from the applicants establishing that the bank would allow drawing on the account – whether primary judge erred in finding the undertaking not satisfactory and in refusing to make s 44 excluding order